Steve Lamante is a session and touring drummer from Sydney, Australia.

Steve began playing the drums at the age of 10 and had the opportunity to study off some of Australia’s finest drummers at a young age. He later commenced formal study at The Sydney Conservatorium Of Music where he began studying a Bachelor of Jazz Performance and had the opportunity to learn off Australia’s most sought after jazz musicians and educators.

Steve is currently performing with some of the worlds finest artists and has had the opportunity to perform at Glastonbury Festival, The Asia Song Contest, Rix FM Festival and for various live TV appearances on X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent, Young Talent Time, The Voice, Sunrise, The Today Show, NRL Grand Finals.

Some notable artists Steve has worked with over the years include Katy Perry, Ricky Martin, Guy Sebastian, Dami Im, Shannon Noll, Casey Donovan, Deni Hines, Uncle Jed, Lara D, Paulini and countless others.

"Whatever the musical situation, I know that I can always trust Remo having the best range, tone, feel and durability I need. Remo is the industry standard and I truly believe they are the best in the game. Growing up, all my heroes played Remo and it’s been my choice from the beginning of my career. Remo has always been my sound and always will be." -Steve Lamante