New York based session drummer Rob Mitzner has recorded on Billboard Top 10 

charting albums, films, and Broadway shows, and performed at Lincoln Center, The 

Smithsonian, Caesar's Palace, The Blue Note, Boston Symphony Hall and for

President Obama in his hometown of Washington D.C.  He has been featured in 

many national publications, including Downbeat Magazine and Modern Drummer, 

and his credits include over 40 commercially available albums across many genres.

When he isn’t playing with a wide a variety of artists in NYC, Rob tours regularly with 

rapper MC Frontalot. He is a featured artist on the world's preeminent drumming 

website, Drum Talk TV, where his videos have amassed over 200K views and also 

writes articles for the for the popular educational site Drumeo. Rob holds a B.A. in 

Music and Political Science from Brown University, and is a proud endorser of

Hendrix Drums.