Oliver work empowers and connects people from all communities through music and coaching for personal and organizational development worldwide.

He has been evolving and integrating his knowledge through study and experience guided by intuition and fun and lives a life of adventure following the clues along his unique path. Oliver has always been seen as an educator, a teacher, and uses these skills in the corporate setting designing training programs.

Oliver has a degree in Business Management specializing in communication, and his pursuit of his Masters in Music Therapy degree, where he discovered Drum Circles and the power of music, shifted and enhanced his work and focus. Further studies in Coaching and NLP, Sound, Trance and Mindfulness, have deepened the work he does with individuals and organizations. Oliver's exposure to Village Music Circles training created access to many great people and facilitators, many of which are Remo Team members His company, Music Training Lab, embraces the mission of bringing awareness to people through art.