Northal "Not" Gaddy
HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator

"...when marching season came during summer practice and we had new drums at school with REMO mylar heads, I became a total convert. We had a drum sound that was second to none in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and were the envy of many high schools..."

Musician, educator, author, public speaker, business owner
Winston Salem State University-Music Education
Winston-Salem, NC
US Army Element School of Music
Little Creek, Va
Voorhees College-Business Management
Denmark, SC
Populations Served:
459,000 in the C.S.R.A. Central Savannah River Area
ASCAP, BMI. MENC, Greater Augusta Arts Council, HealthRhythms Endorsed Facilitator
Special HealthRHYTHMS Moment:
We were doing a presentation for an Assisted Living Facility and many of the clients had decided that they were not coming to the presentation. How could you listen to drumming for an hour or more? Soon many residents became curious with all their friends leaving their rooms and coming downstairs to the activity room. About 85 of our finest senior citizens are now in one room jamming on drums/shakers and singing. After the presentation a lady in a wheel chair told me she had no interest in what we were going to do, but after coming downstairs she had to admit she had the best time. She said she was over 80 years old and had thought she had seen it all......until us. The gleam in her eyes and the tears rolling down her cheeks made me know I was doing the right thing. Thanks HealthRhythms Team. I love this!
The Augusta Chronical features a video of Not Gaddy's Recreational Drum Circles.