Mario Duplantier


Mario DuplantierMario DuplantierMario Duplantier

Mario Duplantier is a French-American musician and artist best known as the drummer for progressive death metal band Gojira.  He was born in 1981 and grew up in a family where arts has always played a significant part. He has developed his drawing, painting and music skills in an environment of freedom and creativity. In 1996, Mario and his brother created the well-known metal band named Gojira. Traveling all around the world with Gojira he decided to transform each trip into a real painting and drawing session. The artistic raw material that came out of these trips became very crucial to him, that’s why it has turned into a daily activity. Unconsciously, Mario creates random surrealistic paintings made of hybrid characters, strange animals that tell stories that are sometimes surreal but can also be scary and heart shaking. Glycerol, Chinese ink, garbage and old paintings are his favorite tools to freely express his apparently naive allegories of the contemporary world.