Margaret Sowry
Research Coordinator

"While facilitating HealthRHYTHMS at a juvenile detention center...The young man who had two weeks earlier pounded an angry "gun shot" on his drum jumped to his feet and declared: "GROUP HUG!""

"Creating the moment of self reflection, providing opportunity to share, with complete acceptance of another’s perspective & unconditional worth, then reconnecting with the group for support & sense of connection & empathy- I truly believe that is what elevates HealthRHYTHMS to a level beyond stress reduction & traditional group interaction."

Margaret Sowry is the Office Manager and the Recreational Music-making Research Coordinator for the Mind-Body Wellness Center. Over 27 years experience in health care management can be summarized by her philosophy to attempt to "do the right thing all the time." Though an ideal, it is an approach which has served her well.
"It's really only about people. My embrace of synchronicity and mind-body-spirit wellness created an immediate fit. In the eyes and on the faces of those with whom we work and those whom we serve day by day dwells the reason we work in healthcare. Margaret's vocal music background provided a natural fit for Recreational Music-making. Her own passion for music affirms the healing power and ability to "level the field" offered by Health Rhythms. She stresses the benefits of music without competition, judgment or performance which provides the avenue to create relaxation, stress reduction and re-create values, understanding, appreciation of each other and renewed sense of direction and purpose.

"Working with the Mind-Body Wellness team to create and deliver services focused on whole person wellness is a privilege each and every day. Recognizing in each other the gifts of life and the integrity of the individual, creating commitments to expand our vision, raise the standards, challenge each other and support the goal is what we do and who we are."
Articles by Margaret
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