Lindsey Ward


Lindsey WardLindsey WardLindsey Ward

Lindsey Ward started playing drums at the age of 9, and knew very early on that music was her passion. She took lessons for 5 years, and has been self-taught ever since. She started a YouTube channel back in 2009, and began posting drumming content online. In 2014, her cover of Chandelier by Sia went viral, reaching nearly 10million views. She has continued to grow her audience on social media, and has had the opportunity to play with a handful of bands/artists some including: Tayler Buono (toured with Fletcher), Emy Taliana (recorded drums on her latest album), Ryan White (opening act for Flyleaf) and many other gigs while living in Los Angeles. Her goal is to continue to be a drummer for hire, keep building her online brand, and is available for touring and session work.

Lindsey endorses, DW Drums and Hardware, TRX Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, and Remo.

Favorite Remo Gear: Color Tones, Pinstripes, and Coated Emperors! Color Tones are my current heads of choice because they look and sound AWESOME on my acrylic kit! 

 "My drum heads of choice have been Remo since I started drumming 20 years ago. No matter the style of music; whether playing live, or in the studio - I can always depend on my drums sounding exactly like I want/need them to. No other heads compare to the consistency, tone, and diversity that Remo brings!"  -Lindsey Ward