My name is Kristina Schiano and I am a 23 year old drummer from Brooklyn, NY. I post drum covers, product reviews, and motivational content on YouTube and have surpassed 440,000 subscribers and 39 million views in total.

Posting on YouTube has brought a lot of incredible opportunities my way that I am so grateful for. This year alone, I was the face of Yamaha’s new EAD10 product, featured in Modern Drummer three times along with other magazines, and signed on to be a drum mentor/specialist for a TV competition show called BandUp.  

My main goal with all of this is to inspire girls and boys to not be afraid of being different. The digital world is very harsh and hateful, but I push fans to look further and find the beauty because there most certainly is a lot of it. I’ve built personal relationships with fans and want them to know that achieving their dreams is one hundred percent possible if they work hard for it. 

I am also honored to be endorsing companies that enjoy giving back and paying it forward such as Remo Drumheads, SJC Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, and Vater Drumsticks.