Krickett Jones Halpern is a Child Development Specialist, author-illustrator, mother, founder and CEO of Drum to LEARN, Inc., founder of Making

the Arts Real for Youth, m.a.r.y. foundation, and Krickett Enterprises, all using the creative arts as conduits to help guide children develop

meaningful methods of expression, coping skills, and greater confidence. In 1996, Krickett received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development

from California State University of Northridge. She has more than 30 years of experience working with young children. Using her creativity through

art, music, rhythm, drumming, and her children’s books, Krickett builds and improves social and emotional skills among young children. Krickett’s

passion includes guiding students to think for themselves, cope with their emotions, foster their wholeness and experience overall well-being. She

lives in California, with her husband, Richard, and two sons, Jaivin and Sterling. 

You can reach Krickett at:







Krickett’s Children’s Books:

Better to Look Up than Down

Bounce Back Like a Ball

I Can

I Am and I Can