Music must be felt to be understood, and people do what they think is going to work. These are the core principles behind John's teaching. John Lamb is a music educator, performer, clinician, author and photographer based in Portland, OR. John has a B.S. in Music, Biology and Psychology and a Masters in Education with specialties in Training and Development, Teaching Adults and eLearning.

Some of John's books are Anatomy of Drumming: Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better, A Matter Of Time: The Science of Rhythm and the Groove, and Start Playing Drums, a method book for adults. The common theme of these books is to innovate music education. Each book seeks to innovate music education by explaining how music making works so the reader can better understand how music feels and hopefully pay attention to music in a new way. John teaches at a private studio in Portland. He also offers sliding scale lessons and classes at YouthMusicProject.