John has been a drummer for his whole life and a facilitator for his entire professional career, so it was only natural that sooner or later these worlds would merge. As a corporate training facilitator for Better Training Solutions (BTS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, John began experimenting with drum circles in his corporate programs in 2003. Pleased with the results and with the happy responses from participants, he completed his drum circle facilitator certification training with Arthur Hull. John also produces Arthur’s training programs in Malaysia and also produces the Asian Rhythm Facilitators’ Conference. John uses drum and rhythm interventions as a metaphor for teaching business communications to corporate executives. Through group drumming, his participants come to understand the importance if listening and working/playing together, unity through diversity, and change management. They also learn how workteams are built much the same way that a group of non-drummers transforms into a performance-level percussion ensemble. In addition to corporate work, John facilitates exciting community circles and works regularly drumming with the Malaysian Parkinson’s Disease Association. His daughter, Rhonwyn, is also a certified DCF and accompanies him on most of their engagements. John is originally from New Jersey. He’s been living in Asia since 1981.