Jessica Fredricks

Jessica FredricksJessica FredricksJessica Fredricks

Jessica Fredricks is the director of Rhythm Trek LLC, an organization that provides teambuilding, leadership, and wellness training for organizations across the U.S. Her mission in life is to inspire, empower, and motivate people so they can do the same for others.

In 2012, Jessica wandered into a drum circle and was struck by the similarities between what a drum circle facilitator does and what a master teacher does – read the group, figure out what they need and empower them with the skills they need to move forward. She was blown away by the power of rhythm to connect individuals who had no musical training, and wanted her students to have the same experience. She began studying with Arthur Hull and became convinced that facilitation – and rhythm – was the key to moving the world forward. That same year, she started Rhythm Trek LLC and began working in schools, corporations and communities to make her vision a reality.

Jessica is fascinated by the “ripple effect” of rhythm – how the process of making music and reflecting on how the improvised pieces fit together acts as the conduit for social and emotional intelligence, increasing competency in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making for entire communities.  

In addition to being an endorsed Remo facilitator, she is a Master Trainer for DRUMBEAT USA, and also a certified HealthRhythms facilitator. The DRUMBEAT protocol is a structured learning program using the medium of music and hand drumming to engage students, lift their self-confidence and teach a range of life-skills. This program is evidence-based and outcome-oriented with proven social and emotional learning benefits. Over the 10-week program participants practice social skills such as problem-solving, active listening, leadership, empathy and tolerance by making music. Their learning is extended through discussion that promotes self-reflection and awareness on how their thoughts, feelings and actions impact their relationships with others.