I started in the music business as a Drummer aged 18, I played with many artists in my formative years - Sia, Bryan Adams, Martha Reeves & the

Vandellas, KT Tunstall, Duffy, Birdy to name a few… Aged 20 I formed the band Noisettes. We released two albums the 2nd album reaching platinum sales & contained the tracks 'Don't Up Set The Rhythm (https://youtu.be/8SFT8k5chO8) & 'Never forget you https://youtu.be/KRFHiBW9RE8 ' 

Both huge hits, the latter being the most played track on UK radio in 2009. Both tracks also reached platinum sales. Those songs were the perfect combination of the things I love most: guitar music, hip-hop & R&B, and a good ol' pop banger. 

In 2010 I left the band and went on to produce and write music for various artists. In 2012 I joined the Stereophonics. I have had 3 top ten albums with the band ( 1 number one and two number 2). We play stadiums, headline festivals, play all the major television & radio shows. 

Fact: the band is the only other band since The Beatles to have 6 consecutive number one albums.