Jake Barnabas

The Luka State

Jake Barnabas

Jake Barnabas is the drummer of UK outfit, The Luka State, about to release their second album "More Than This", before spending a majority of the year touring it, and spreading the message behind the album which paints the picture of day to day life in working life Britain, backgrounds that we have all come from and continue to shine the light upon.

When he's not touring, he educates young drummers in the north of England.  He's a partner at a UK tuition company called Hot House music, a musical enterprise creating positive opportunities through the power of music.

He's worked with Hot House to write his first drum book for them, which is due for release this year. The book is based around the life long mission of a modern drummer which I believe is finding YOUR own voice behind the kit.

"I feel Remo is so important to me as a drummer striving to find a unique voice behind the kit, skins are crucial to honing a sound. You can do a complete 180 turn sonically by placing a different head on a drum. And Remo's vast selection of top quality heads has been essential on my journey so far."  -Jake Barnabas