Hayley Brownell

Olivia Rodrigo

Hayley BrownellHayley BrownellHayley Brownell

Hayley Brownell (she/her) is a 28 year old emotive and passionate drummer/songwriter.  After receiving her bachelors in music at California State University Northridge in 2015, Hayley has had the pleasure of touring internationally for multiple artists such as, Olivia Rodrigo, Conan Gray, Cailin Russo, Daya and many more. She currently is currently playing with Olivia Rodrigo where she recorded and performed in "Sour Prom," as well as played live on SNL, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the VMA's.

Along with her performing achievements, Hayley is passionate about female empowerment and wants to encourage other young drummers to start playing. She will be the spokesperson for the 2022 Hit Like A Girl Contest!

"I began my drumming career being told that Remo was always the BEST for drumheads and have continued to use them throughout my career.  I love the way they sound as well as how they really allow the drums to sing. Playing with Olivia Rodrigo, I want to encourage everyone, but specifically young female identifying people to start playing drums & of course, using Remo!  It has always been Remo for me.  There was a brief period where I experimented with others, but they don't sing as much as I have found Remo drumheads do.  They make vintage and new drums sound exactly how I want them to!  :)  "  -Hayley Brownell