Grant Collins


Grant Collins

Grant Collins is one of the forerunners in the industry, pushing the limits and confines of music and leading cutting edge, creative and unconventional drumming. He defies stereotypical drum set methodologies with his innovative and enthralling solo drum set compositions. He uses all four limbs both individually and as a collective to present multi-timbral soundscapes, defining the drum set as a contemporary soloinstrument for the world stage.

Through his determination, Grant has developed a powerful and modern approach to the drumset, which has captivated audiences wherever he goes. Grant’s infatuation with the drums, has seen him tour and perform as an international artist at many concert halls across the globe. His sell out concerts have also been trumped with feature presentations on countless radio stations and television programs.

Not limited to drumset performance, Grant is an active composer. His works have been performed by small groups and orchestras around the globe. He was awarded ‘best jazz/fusion’ composition by the Australian Academy of Music in the first year of his Bachelor Degree.

He has a Doctorate of Music in composition and performance, which has supported his international growth and reputation. He is also a passionate and highly skilled educator. His active involvement with Topology, the Queensland Arts Council and Education Queensland has delivered some of the highest quality educational workshops in schools throughout Queensland and Australia. He has also done many workshops, clinics and artist in residencies around the world at conservatories, music academy’s, and universities.

He is the founder and creator of ‘Grant Drums - Online Drum School’, which offers a range of specialty drum courses including his ‘Drum Chop Accelerator’ community for drummers of all levels.

He is also an active keynote speaker in the business realm, presenting at company events with a powerful message and dynamic delivery.

Internationally-renowned drummer, Dom Famularo, has travelled the world with many great drummers. He was quoted saying;

"It is not often I hear someone who is on the cutting edge of modern drum-set performance. Well, in Australia I heard that person… Grant Collins! When you hear him, be prepared for the ride he will take you on… you will remember it for the rest of your life."