George Pfaendner

Void Of Vision

George Pfaendner

George Pfaendner is the drummer of Melbourne based metalcore band Void Of Vision. George first found his obsession with drums at the age of 14 in his hometown of Berlin, Germany. In 2013 George had packed his bags and assimilated into Australian culture, helping co-found what is now the ever growing machine that is Void Of Vision.

Over the years Void Of Vision have matched their continuous development alongside exponential growth, building an impressive touring resume clocking main support slots at home and abroad alongside household names of the heavy music industry and sledging themselves alongside Aus music festival alumni appearing at Good Things Festival, Unify Gathering, Full Tilt Festival, Knight and Day and the upcoming inaugural Knotfest Australia.

With the band currently riding through the highlights of their career thus far, finding their unique signature sound and aesthetic through the recently released Chronicles EP trilogy, Void Of Vision have truly solidified their fanbase while simultaneously crossing over into brand new markets. Off the back of successful Australian headline runs in both major cities & regional markets, their US soil debut & recent AIR awards nomination, the band are set to return to their biggest dates yet at home and abroad.

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