Currently living in Los Angeles, Fernando Diez has been playing percussion for over twenty years.

Raised in France, he was not only influenced by the Latin music of his Spanish parentage, but also
by the African and Middle Eastern music scenes in Paris.

He has trained and worked all over Europe, Africa, the U.S and Cuba. Fernando was also influenced
by the Jazz, Rock, R&B and Pop that he listened to growing up.

A versatile and dynamic performer, he has played live and recorded all of the
aforementioned music styles.

Worked with:

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: Alegria. RHYTHM SLAM: Percussion-Stomp-Dance Group--- MARTA SANTANARIA & VIAJEM---THANIA SANZ: Latin Pop--- HOWARD HEWITT: R&B --- LUIS VILLEGAS: New Flamenco--- ONE TRIBE NATION: Fusion --- ELLEE VEN: Pop --- ELDAD TARMU: Jazz--- MARISELA: Latin Pop ---SHAKA RA: Afro Pop --- FOSTERENT. ---SYMCHA ORCHESTRA --- SACCI, KLINE & DIEZ: World beat trio --- REDD: Rock-Funk --- ALAN RUBIK: Contemporary Jazz --- MOJACAR: Flamenco-jazz--- AZIKMEN: Reggae --- GUEM: Percussion --- SAHIR: Percussion ---MOUNSI: Algerian Funk --- SAF: Senegalese ---SAPHO: French morrocan