Ms. Senoo, founder of FantaRhythm, is a very competent facilitator who can immediately take any SMAIL from any participant from many different walks of life and work; seminars, schools, kinder-gardens, music festival, special support education school, hospital, day-service, intergenerational exchange, invigorating activities for local shops, KONKATSU (marriage support), company education, and many more. Miho has facilitated more that 5,000 people who can have SMAIL through her work. She has recently organized facilitation seminars for school teachers and performing drum circle drawing on her extensive experience as a school teacher. In addition, Ms Senoo is also an accomplished pianist, composer, keyboard harmonica player who can provide any SMAIL to any people in various situation.

Released private CD “Ki-Ra-Ri” and “Ciel”. Ki-Ra-Ri has been sold by 2,400 CD, which was extraordinary in JAZZ music market.

Taking high grade critic with original music and furthermore, very expressive piano tones is mentioned “drawing picture with sounds”.

All-participating style stage performance and performing piano with “KIMONO” (traditional Japanese cloth) are very popular in Japan.

Organizing concerts played keyboard harmonica and workshop for keyboard harmonica vigorously, and often instructing band music.

Appearing on the web music contents “PIANIKA” organized by YAMAHA. Mainly play PIANICA type “p-37d” procided by YAMAHA.

In 2014, chose the PIANICA Player of YAMAHA, whose purpose was the press conference to release new model of PIANICA typed “P-32E” and “P-32EP”. It was since 30 years ceremony for new model release. Appearing on the internet TV program named “Pianpa-to-Asobo” providing happiness to play keyboard harmonica.