Erik Eldenius

Billy Idol

Erik EldeniusErik EldeniusErik Eldenius

Born on the dusty plains of India. After a few confusing months I was quickly packed and shipped to Sweden…

A country, whose socio-liberal system works great if you get sick or prefer blondes.  After ruining their cutlery and pots imitating “Animal” from the Muppet Show, my lovely parents bought me some drums.

I endured the cold harsh winters by practicing my newly acquired gifts in a basement with four windows.  After picking up the piano and surviving high school I enrolled in music college, two years of intense indulgence in the middle of nowhere.

As a child I often dreamed of living on top of the skyscrapers in New York City, something I would reconsider today…

I settled for Los Angeles and bought my first car. Living here has allowed me to work with some amazing people. I'm working as a session and touring drummer along with producing and mixing records for a wide array of people.

I'm currently the drummer in Billy Idol’s band and my parents have seen me on TV, so that’s pretty cool…

"Between my coated Emperors, Ambassadors and Fiberskyns, I can get all the tones that hear in my head."  -Erik Eldenius