Desmond Davis


Desmond Davis

Desmond Davis the “BlackDrumHippie”, is a Dove Award, Stellar Award & Ascap Rhythm & Soul Award winning, Grammy nominated musician, producer and writer hailing from the west side of Chicago who has developed a talent, versatility and passion for playing drums for over twenty years.

Desmond honed his skills in the Baptist church playing gospel music however; he is well-rounded with the ability to play various genres including but not limited to; rock, pop, country, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, reggae, funk, and blues . 

The BlackDrumHippie’s talent and tenacity has afforded him various endorsements and the opportunity to play a variety of tours, festivals, tv appearances and concert venues. 

With growing notoriety, Desmond has played for decorated artists such as: Donald Lawrence, Johnathan McReynolds, Sir the Baptist, Todd Dulaney, Byron Cage, Bri Babrieaux, Hunter Hayes & many more.

Desmond’s hard work and forward thinking has allowed BlackDrumHippie to transcend music as it has grown into a brand that provides customizable Levi denim jackets, t-shirts and other merchandise.

As of late Desmond is recording side projects, promoting his brand, and touring.

“Remo has always been the standard & drums sound like drums with Remo heads on them. The level of expertise put into designing these heads are incredible & makes playing that much better”.