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Daniel FurnariDaniel FurnariDaniel Furnari

Daniel Furnari is the drummer for Australian metalcore band Polaris. Introduced to multiple instruments at an early age, Daniel finally discovered the drums at 11 years old, beginning a lifelong obsession. In 2012, Daniel co-founded Polaris, helping to shape the sound of the band with his creative and technical drum parts, lyrics and songwriting contributions. Since then, the band have grown from a fledgling local Sydney act into a household name in their home country, selling out large theatres all across Australia and building a reputation around the world for their formidable live performances and hard touring ethic. Polaris received ARIA Award nominations in the category of Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album in 2018 and 2020 for their albums The Mortal Coil and The Death Of Me , the latter of which also saw them win the 2020 Heavy Music Award for Best International Breakthrough Band.

"With Remo I always know what I'm going to get: consistent durability, ease of tuning, and the clearest, cleanest tones. There's a head for every taste and every application, each with their own unique characteristics, and they bring out the best in any drum I throw them on. Proud to play Remo every time I sit down at the kit!" -Daniel Furnari