Adam Gomez

The Dickies

Adam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam GomezAdam Gomez

A native of Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA, Adam Gomez is an American Drum Artist, honing the raw ferocity of punk with a laser-like focus for pro-precision. Adam contributed to forming the non conventional sporadic metal band, Jahmbi, in 1999. The band grew quickly in reputation and went on to play with national acts such as the Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold, Animals as Leaders, and Seether.

In 2009, Adam graduated from the Musicians Institute of Hollywood California and adapted his skill set to audition for the Van Nuys based punk band Bloodhook. Learning their entire album in a single day, he was quickly welcomed into the band and joined them on an international tour through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

Word of Adam's professional reputation as a drummer quickly spread throughout the punk world and in 2013 Adam joined world renown seminal punk band The Dickies where he still plays drums today. One of the first bands to arrive in the LA punk scene after Ramones and The Damned in 1977, The Dickies are still covering ground, with tours ranging from New Zealand to China, Europe, etc.

Along with playing for The Dickies, Adam has taken his drums closer to family, playing with sister and brother in law Celese and Alvaro Hernandez in indie-pop band Bueno.