I’ve been playing drums since 2005, when I was 10. Through the years I’ve had a multitude of teachers, both drummers/percussionists and non- drummers. Between Middle School, High School (Performing Arts) and University, my primary focus was in jazz and its subcategories, as well as pop-culture music and some classical percussion. Starting at around my Junior year of high school I started playing in bands of my own, usually in the Rock/Metal and Progressive realms. I played in quite a number of bands/groups before joining Rings of Saturn, and I continue to do fill in work, session, and writing/recording (Abiotic, The Faceless, Aenimus, among others). Currently I play for Interloper and Brazen Tide. I also teach students both on and off the road.

“That sound is Remo…” that’s what runs through my mind whenever I think about what I want my sound to be. Classic, relevant, versatile. The tone of the drumheads speak for themselves, and the Remo team is the resonance of their product.  - Aaron Stechauner