Remo's Drum Table and Christine Stevens.

The REMO 40” drum table sat silently waiting; with four mallets placed in the four directions of the bright green center.

We sat at the “table”, waiting for a rhythm feast to appear, when a group of five music therapy students arrived, and picked up the mallets and began to “talk.”

Adding my double Native American flute in key of D, we began to make music; all of us together. Immediately we felt the entrainment as I offered some light facilitation; volume up and volume down. Tapping the rim of the drum table for a flute solo, and 1 - 2 - back to the beat. The smiles were contagious as I noticed the people passing by walking in tempo, affected by the groove without even knowing it.  

We ended with a cadence -a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase. Just one beat; two beats; three beats; and then four. And in the powerful moment of silence, a breath of joy.