REMO BandFest 2021 - Pre Show & Rose Parade Bands

Every year the greatest bands in the land march in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Since 1982 REMO Inc. has been a proud sponsor of the Rose Parade, providing each drumline with specially designed Rose Parade REMO drumheads. About that same time REMO Inc. and the TOR created BandFest. BandFest is held at Pasadena City College where the aristocrats of bands chosen to march in the Rose Parade put on an incredible performance for the general public. No matter rain or shine, it is an experience not to be missed.

An additional tradition began over 15 years ago. REMO supplies each audience member with a handheld souvenir drum and mallet. The crowd is guided by Drum Circle Facilitators, including a Lead Facilitator inside the REMO Tower Drum. The Facilitators interact with the audience to create an energizing magical rhythmic experience where the grandstands are lit up with rhythm and smiles, and this sets the tone for an incredible day of music!

This year, 2021, the pre-show drum circle was led by Cameron Tummel assisted by Arianna Monge, Alan Bruni, Heathor Kulber, and Diana Wallace.

Please enjoy the video with highlights of BandFest 2021, including some behind-the-scenes footage.

BandFest is usually a two-day event held on the 29th and 30th of December, however dates could change. To confirm, visit