The Kids Make Music Gathering Drum is a classroom favorite featuring a large bass and resonant sound, which is perfect for group drumming with children and adults. Kids Make Music Instruments are developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and founder/owner of Music Rhapsody, an early childhood music education program.  

Imagine gathering around a drum bigger than you’ve ever seen. With your tiny fingers and hands, you're amazed at how gigantic this instrument is! Somehow, the drum becomes a boat with you and your fellow young riders aboard. Everyone sings “Row, Row, Row Your Boat" while your parents take turns playing the ukulele.  

Sound like fun? “At Music Rhapsody, we believe that developing a lifelong love of music is all about fun -- through an exploration of voices, movement, instruments, and more”. “With our program, young students are fully prepared to soar in any future musical pursuits. Join us on a delightful musical journey today”, Lynn Kleiner. 

● Perfect for group drumming for babies, toddlers, children and adults

● Large bass and resonant tone, capable of producing many types of sounds

● Brightly Colored Jungle Print Sound Control Dot

● Pre-tuned; no sharp metal tuning lugs

● Designed to be safe and cannot be knocked over

About Lynn Kleiner and Music Rhapsody