The Kids Make Music Kit provides the ideal supplies to ignite a love of music in the life of a young child. Ages 2 – 5. Featuring a Tambourine, Rhythm Sticks, Maraca, Jingle Bells, and Triangle, Kids Make Music Instruments are developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and founder/owner of Music Rhapsody, an early childhood music education program.

Sound like fun? “At Music Rhapsody, we believe that developing a lifelong love of music is all about fun -- through an exploration of voices, movement, instruments, and more”. “With our program, young students are fully prepared to soar in any future musical pursuits. Join us on a delightful musical journey today”, Lynn Kleiner.

Rhythm Sticks are made of beautiful hardwood with a natural finish. The shorter length of the sticks makes it easy for young children to safely keep the beat and play rhythms! Rhythm sticks are great for mimicking sounds and have a wide variety of uses: tap the sticks to sound like a woodpecker inside a tree, alternate them as you hit the floor to sound like footsteps or scrape the smooth stick over the ribbed one to sound like a quacking duck, a croaking frog, or a snoring grandpa -- the possibilities are endless!

The tambourine is rugged and built to last, this easy-to-use and fun-to-play tambourine has Remo's superior quality tone and is sure to be a favorite for musicians of all ages. Shake it, tap it on the floor, or use it as a prop for songs like Wheels on the Bus where it becomes a steering wheel, the drivers hat, and the clinking money.

This high quality triangle has beautiful tone and sustain -- and has the longest ring of any triangle on the market! Comes with an easy-to-grip handled striker. When you want the ring to stop, just touch the triangle and put the striker on your shoulder. Use it to play the Firetruck Song “ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.”

The Bell Belt features four large nickel silver bells secured on heavy fabric for maximum child safety and the most musical sound. Shake the bells, or try to hide the bells in your hands, now they are asleep! We can rest and we can play!

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