The Kids Make Music Too Kit is sure to ignite a love of music in the life of a child. For ages 3 – 8, this package comes with a Hand Drum and mallet, Tone Block, Finger Cymbals, Shaker Egg and Purple Scarf. Kids Make Music Instruments were developed in conjunction with Lynn Kleiner, internationally renowned clinician and founder/owner of Music Rhapsody, an early childhood music education program.

Sound like fun? “At Music Rhapsody, we believe that developing a lifelong love of music is all about fun -- through an exploration of voices, movement, instruments, and more”. “With our program, young students are fully prepared to soar in any future musical pursuits. Join us on a delightful musical journey today”, Lynn Kleiner.

Finger Cymbals

These shiny little finger cymbals have a sweet, delicate tone. Hang one by using your “pincher” fingers and ever so lightly strike it with the other cymbal. Or, pretend you are sewing like in Music Rhapsody’s “Little Shoemaker Song”, and hang one while the other comes from under it, striking, then continue to move it upwards, like you are pulling the thread through. This makes for a long beautiful ring.

Tone Block

This thick tone block is made of selected hardwood with a natural finish. Tap the ball of the mallet on the block for an amazing knocking sound. Scrape the stick of the mallet over the ribs and it becomes a guiro!. Then place the mallet inside, rotate for a mixing sound or tip it gently back and forth to produce yet another intriguing sound!

Egg Shaker

Perfect for little hands, this easy to hold shaker produces a crisp, rhythmic sound. A little heavier than most shaker eggs, which is one reason why it’s the best!

Hand Drum

This high-quality durable drum makes it possible to create all kinds of sounds! Swish, tap, scratch, and knock, with your fingers, fists, fingernails, elbows and knees! This is no toy but a first class instrument! Kids love the look and sound of this colorful, unique drum. Using the mallet will result in additional sounds.

About Lynn Kleiner and Kids Make Music Products