Anju's Poem

Anju’s Poem

 I don’t know what a drum circle is.

 Or what the variety of drums used are called.

 Or how long it takes to learn.

 Or to tire out.


What I do know is that being part of a drum circle makes you free.

Even if only for a second.

And that a person doesn’t need to know or understand music.

Or beats. Or rhythm.

                                    The drum teaches you.


Obviously, as readers would’ve guessed, this was really my first drum circle experience.

And honestly I can’t guarantee that there will be more. Or even if I care to be part of another one.

                    [That certainly isn’t going to get me any points.??]

But I know that as I sat there-part of the communion, it felt—simple.

Everything felt easy.

And for that one moment-everything evaporated.

     As if hitting the drum was all you needed to do.

        That nothing else mattered but the drum and you.

 And your circle.


It didn’t matter if you hadn’t seen anyone in the circle before,

or if you were ever going to see them again. In that one moment,

you collectively share something that though is far from life changing, makes you feel-good and relieved.



I cannot tell you that a drum circle can do this

or that.

Or it can bring you this .

Or that.

I don’t know about the logic or rationality behind the drum circle. It is simply about drumming.

And just that.

I know that there is an energy that goes around the circle

and that it’s trying to say or do something.


People go around the world with their drums, in the hope that maybe


 someone will find the message of the drum and be better because of it.

 A drum, a drum, a drum am I,

 a drum I am you see

 if not a drum, what could I be?

 I'm here to set you free.

     .... so take your hands and put them on me

   let's change from me 

                        to we

      then up

and down ,

around we go

 let's build the community

       I am a drum, a drum am I


here to set you free.


(Perhaps modern day angels play the drum instead of the …eh..what is it then?...the harp ,eh?)