Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology
Comfort Your Senses!

Our Comfort Sound Technology™ means these products have a BIG vibration with a focused, controlled sound that delivers beautiful tone, while remaining accessible for individuals or groups with sound sensitivities or sensory seeking behaviors.
-Los Angeles Times Article
-A Small Step For Musicians, A Giant Leap For Music
-The Comfort Sound - Digital Magazine



Accessible from a seated or standing position, its lightweight design makes it an ideal tool for transport. Its adjustable height stand makes it wheelchair accessible. It's easy-clean surfaces make it appropriate for clinical applications too. Ideal tool for addressing sensory behaviors, rhythm-based functional skill development and social skill engagement.

In this video TERi Campus of Life is using the Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology...evidence of their innovative work changing lives and changing the way people think about people with autism.

There is a significant evidence-base that demonstrates the therapeutic value of sensory experience. Researchers have demonstrated that sensory experience may:
-Stimulate the Creation of Neurons
-Increase Cognitive Function
-Improve Affective Information Processing

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