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Remo revolutionizes hand drumming with modern technologies to meet the needs of the 21st century professional musician as well as recreational and student drummers by offering lightweight, durable and superior sounding products.

Remo’s Acousti-Blox produces rich tones that blend with other acoustical instruments and is an alternative to the loud metal cowbell.

Remo’s Agogo Drum takes its cue from the Brasilian-inspired metal double cone-shaped bells.

All Arthur Hull Signature drums are manufactured with Remo’s proprietary ACOUSTICON™ shell material. This advanced drum shell material has excellent projection capabilities and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. Added benefits are strength, weather-resistance and reduced weight.

The Bahia Bass Drum, Remo’s latest innovation for the evolving drumming market, it's specifically designed to be used in both recreational and educational settings.

Remo mounted Cowbells are designed to meet the highest demands & musical tastes of pro players and enthusiasts. Each bell is pitched for optimum use, whether your style is SALSA, SAMBA, FUNK or JAZZ.

The Bodhran is the historic drum of Ireland and is the primary rhythmic accompaniment for the folk music of the Emerald Isle. A large frame drum with a cross bar in the back, it is typically low pitched and is played with a double headed wooden mallet called a cipín, tipper, or beater.

Bongos are found in Latin American, Cuban, Puerto Rican music as well as modern popular music. The bongo drums come in pairs, the small drum called macho, and the larger drum called hembra or (embra) and are traditionally played between knees or on a stand.

The Remo Buffalo drums have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. They come with a rope handle, mallet and a choice of graphic or plain heads that can be self-decorated.

Originally these mini drums were designed full scale for the 1996 Olympic field celebration.


Remo Inc. has redesigned the CROWN PERCUSSION produce line that includes an array of percussion instruments that are high quality, durable, professional sounding and competitively priced.

Made in USA, Remo congas are full size drums that are used by professional and drum enthusiasts alike.

Remo offers a wide range of authentic sounding Cuicas, from the key-tuned models to the practical pretuned versions.

In Africa, one of the Djembe's functions is as a healing drum. Remo Djembes are based on the same traditional Djembe tone and form combined with Remo's modern advances including a wide range of tuning systems, heads, finishes and sizes.

The Doumbek plays a central role in both popular and classical Middle-Eastern musicand is often heard in ensembles with the Riq and Tar.

Made with the same materials that are used on Remo's professional instruments, Finger Drums are durable, versatile and a great way to reduce the stress of modern life.

Remo celebrating over 30 years of manufacturing Frame Drums made in the USA with the same attention to consistency and quality of all Remo World Percussion products.

Remo’s modern Kanjira has the sound, look and feel of the original drum from South India

The Arthur Hull Standing Ngomas are pitched between the Djun-Djun and djembe.


“The interest in drumming is expanding globally and we now know that something like the NSL is going to allow it too grow even further.”

Remo D. Belli

Relax at the Beach without leaving your home!

Remo’s Paddle Drum are recommended by, Music Therapists, Teachers, and Parents because they are FUN, easily cleaned and sanitized and are wonderful for adaptive usages with the wide grip hand.

The Pandeiro is essentially a Brasilian tambourine. The instrument is a single-headed drum with unique layers of jingle sets. The Remo Pandieros are specially weighted for students and professionals and are available in various models.

All Riqs are made with Remo’s proprietary Acousticon® drum shell material from 100% recycled wood fibers.


The Rhythm Log features unique tones on three sides and is equipped with two rubber bouncy ball mallets that produce soft, warm tones.

These bead-filled instruments can be used for a wide variety of musical styles.

The ultimate percussion sound effect.

Remo manufactures all the essential Surdo & Repiniques sizes for a complete bateria percussion ensemble. The Surdo is the heartbeat of the samba rhythm. It is the large bass drum that is played using a soft mallet for the percussion ensembles in the Brasilian Carnaval.

Remo’s Taiko are inspired by the long-honored Japanese drumming heritage. They carefully follow authentic Japanese designs from the barrel-shaped Nagado Daiko to the contoured Shime Daiko.

This hour glass shape drum has its origins from the West Africa area of Nigeria.

Mallet not included. (see accessories)


Tambourines offer a wide variety of styles and sizes, from standard pretuned and headless models to Graphic Radiant, Prizmatic and Religious versions. Some Remo Tambourines exclusively feature extra wide jingle slots that create a noticeably louder, more powerful sound.

To achieve the precise sound and tone quality Remo’s engineering carefully matched the ACOUSTICON (see more on Acousticon) shell dimensions in perfect harmony with the Remo Bahia Bass drumhead used. These two powerhouse combinations produce a unique and authentic sound of Brasil.

Remo Valencia Timbales are equipped with Ambassador Renaissance Drumheads producing crisp rim shots and clear tones.

The Tubano is a Remo invention and an entirely new development for a musical instrument. Tubano drums are the preferred choice for drumming programs where students range in ages 5 to 85 and are very light and easy to store and maintain.

Each Gong Drum is tuned for optimal sound before leaving the Remo factory Gong Drums are available in three diameters; 32”, 46”, 60”. Sonically these instruments are like no other, and visually they are equally impressive.

VERSA Drums, a revolutionary new line of World Percussion products designed to encourage and enhance the use of drumming in recreational music making, education, medicine, and social settings.

Projecting the loudest and clearest bass and tek tones of a frame drum, only BIGGER.

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