External Tuning Fish Skin
Soloist Doumbek with External tuning and Ergo-Drum System™ Manufactured with Remo’s Skyndeep® Fish Skin graphic drumhead seated directly on the Acousticon® drum shell bearing edge. This intimate contact with the drum shell produces a unique, pronounced doum, bass tones and bright tek tones.


In development for two years, this doumbek has a newly designed drum shell, unlike any other in the family of Doumbeks, which has a unique Metalized® finish. The Soloist doumbek with the external tuning design is unique and can be played in the traditional horizontal position as well between the knees which is supported by the external counter hoop. A special shoulder drum strap accessory is also available allowing drummers to be mobile while drumming.

The Ergo-Drum System products are constructed under the highest quality control guidelines. Our counterhoops (rims) are perfectly indexed; matching screws and screw holes, insuring bolts won’t strip after multiple drumhead changes. Remo’s drum shell bearing edges are evenly rounded, smooth for maximum tuning range.

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