Internal Tuning
Crystal Doumbeks with the Ergo-Drum System are equipped with Remo’s SKYNDEEP™ Fish graphic image synthetic drumhead which produce a full bass and Tek tone remarkably authentic in sound and feel.


Crystal Doumbeks are built with a lightweight Acousticon® drum shell material which is perfect for the beginner or professional drummer. Featuring REMO®’s Skyndeep™ fish graphic image synthetic drumhead, these drums are beautifully covered with Designer’s Touch Finishes and are available in three sizes and colors.

INTERNAL TUNING The internal tuning is manufactured with the bearing edge inserted into the inner dimension of the Acousticon® drum shell. This process connecting both bearing edge and drum shell create an integral unit which produces a sustain Dum, bass tone and crisp, Tek tone. Playing using traditional techniques is comfortable with either the Crystal doumbek or the specially weighted Soloist drum.

The Ergo-Drum System products are constructed under the highest quality control guidelines. Our counterhoops (rims) are perfectly indexed; matching screws and screw holes, insuring bolts won’t strip after multiple drumhead changes. Remo’s drum shell bearing edges are evenly rounded, smooth for maximum tuning range.

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