Jimmie Morales
The Jimmie Morales Series Congas are equipped with FIBERSKYN®, NUSKYN® or SKYNDEEP® TYPE 7 Tucked drumheads which are the most durable conga drumhead available.


Jimmie Morales conga drums available in two large sizes, 11.75”, 12.50” diameter, with a 28” height especially created for seated players. All Remo congas are manufactured with our proprietary ACOUSTICON™ shell and are reinforced for maximum durability. A high-density rubber mold on the bottom of the drum protects the shell from impact in professional applications. Conga Guards, assembled on all tuning lugs, protects the drum from unwanted scratches. Chrome hardware, curved counterhoops and a comfortable carrying handle gives the drum a classic salsa look.

Designer’s Touch Finishes by Remo

Featuring original designs created by our own graphic artists, the Designer's Touch finishes use state-of-the-art technology to transfer artwork directly onto fabric. This process enables us to create unique graphics on our instruments with incredibly rich, vibrant and durable imagery.

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