Remo’s Taiko are inspired by the long-honored Japanese drumming heritage. They carefully follow authentic Japanese designs from the barrel-shaped Nagado Daiko to the contoured Shime Daiko.

With the assistance of Remo endorsers, Seiichi Tanaka, Shiuichi Hidano and Johnny Mori, Remo has used materials and technologies developed exclusively for our Taiko line to enhance durability, tunablilty, and ease of use.

To enhance the performance capabilities of these great drums, Remo adds a selection of durable and attractive finishes, and our most advanced materials and technologies; stitched or tacked NUSKYN™ Taiko heads, ACOUSTICON™ and Siam Oak wood shells. The drums come with either rope tuned, wrench tuned or pretuned drumheads.

Taiko, which means drum or drums, have been an important part of almost every aspect of Japanese culture for centuries. Their powerful sound has been used for blessing crops to insure a bountiful harvest, directing the movement of military forces in the field of battle, worshiping in Buddhist temples, and in Japanese classic performance and public festivals. Touring Taiko ensembles from Japan have brought the passion and energy of Taiko Drumming to communities all around the globe.

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