Remo’s drum shell and drumhead innovation creates a new percussion instrument, the Tablatone Frame Drum.


The Tablatone Frame Drum utilizes “loaded head” technology found in the Tabla drums of India. Skyndeep® drumheads, Acousticon® drum shells, and the unique Tablatone Dot deliver warm and focused fundamental tones and crisp edge tones. Tablatone Frame Drums are key-tunable and are truly unique and suitable for a wide variety of uses from professional to recreational. Remo was inspired by the Tabla drum of India which is used in Hindustani classical, devotional and popular musical styles. Central to their design is a weighted dot applied directly to the drumhead. This dot, called the gob or syahi, focuses the tone of the drumhead to produce a clear fundamental pitch and a variety of tonal possibilities. The length of decay is also extended, creating a beautiful melodic effect.

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