These bead-filled instruments can be used for a wide variety of musical styles.

The mini shakers can be played singly or in pairs and can create more sounds then meets the eye.

With the FX shaker you can create various sounds that can conjure up natural creature sounds and more.

Featuring a Remo original Aboriginal type finish, Remo’s Didgeharp shaker is a brand new instrument to the percussion world and is a Remo Original.

Producing a soothing, softer mellow sound what better way to share your spiritual emotion shaking with Remo’s praise shaker.

The Bossa shakers make a cool sound that fit in all style of music activities and match the hot new Remo Designer Djembes.

Its Carnaval time and you’re ready to samba with Remo Samba shaker.

The Ginga Shaker features two unique sounds when played. It’s a shaker on one side with a set of tambourine jingles on the opposite side.

These fun shakers are shaped in fruits including orange, pear, banana, apple, plum, avocado and lemon and are filled with non-toxic beads.

Just put these flat, bead-filled shakers in your pocket and shake! Available in packs of 12 in three different sizes.

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