Package A
The Curriculum for World Music Drumming by Dr. Will Schmid, is a critically acclaimed, 30-lesson instructional fun program for middle school general music classes, building important life-skills such as communication, listening, teamwork, discipline, and respect for others.

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Here’s what leading educators are saying about World Music Drumming

“Motivation has been very high and I’m excited about the positive attitude of all my students.” – Rosie Marie Thompson, Decatur, IL –

“I’ve noticed an increase in the respect level of my students. They seem to be more attentive and focused on the lessons as well as more concerned about the welfare of the entire group. This curriculum is beneficial for students at any level of musical ability…although it appears that being a better musician isn’t as important as working together.” – Debbie Montague, Seattle, WA-

“The students were so excited and their enthusiasm was immediately relayed to their students who were not even in the class.” – Anne Fennell, San Diego, CA-

Below are the selected products for Package A

1 Standing Ngoma, Key-Tuned, 14" Diameter, 40" Height, Fabric African Stripe

4 Tubano, Drumkey Tuned, 10" Diameter, 27" Height, Fabric Kintekloth

1 Djembe, Mondo, Key-Tuned, 14" X 25", Skyndeep Fiberskyn, Contour Tuning Brackets, Kintekloth Finish

4 Tubano, Drumkey Tuned, 14" Diameter, 27" Height, Fabric Kintekloth

1 World Music Literature And Dvd Package

2 Shekere (Axatse)

1 Gankogui, Large

1 Gankogui, Medium

7 Tubano, Drumkey Tuned, 12" Diameter, 27" Height, Fabric Kintekloth

2 Talking Drum Mallet, Aluminum Curved Stick, Plastic Tip, 5.5" Foam Handle, Black

10 Crown Percussion, Mini Maracas, Set, Plastic, Black

2 Acousti-Blox, 5.5" X 4", Island Cover

3 Buffalo, Bahia Buffalo Drum, 16" X 3.5" Fixed Bahia Bass, Black Earth

3 Claves, Wood, 0.75" Diameter, 8" Length

1 Dowel, Wood - Birch, 1/2" Diameter, 12" Length, Pack Of Two

2 Bongo Set, 6"/7" Diameters, White

2 Talking Drum, 8" Diameter, 16" Height, Fabric Afr Stripe

6 Maracas, Wood, Red & Green, 9.5"X3"

3 Guiro, Wood, Red & Green, 14.75"X3"

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