Snare Batter
Remo® marching snare drumheads offer the widest range of choices to customize your sound. For the ultimate in Sound, Feel, Tone and Durability, depend on Remo®.

Combining an extremely durable Technora Aramid Fiber weave with a reinforced counterhoop featuring REMO®’s DuraLock® technology, this is one of the most popular marching heads in the world. Perfect for all marching applications.

Perfect for all marching applications.

Representing the ultimate in a high tension drumhead.

Based on the original Falam® (Fabric Laminate) design, this head produces excellent stick response with a bright, crisp tone. Available in Coated, Smooth White™, Ebony® and Neutral. Also available with Clear Dot for extra reinforcement and tone control.

Great projection and fat, wet sound, outstanding for field drums. Single-ply 10-mil Clear batter with a 7.5-mil Mylar® underlay dampening ring. Center clear dot for durability and tone control. Ideal for that classic, warm, open snare sound.

The Powerstroke® 77 features two-plies of 7-mil Mylar® construction with a small 7-mil underlay ring (P3 style) to reduce overtones, and a 5-mil clear center dot for added durability. Provides excellent response from center to edge.

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