S Series Doumbek
The S SERIES model drumheads are constructed using the same Remo open channel technology used on the Weather King drumheads.

The S Series drumheads are manufacturing using a THIN HOOP that assists fitting on some Doumbek and Darbuka drums with a smaller inner dimension counter hoop made in Egypt, and Turkey.

Remo’s synthetic S Series Doumbek drumheads offer drummers the highest quality sound with precision construction assuring each drumhead is made precisely to specification and will fit various manufacturers’ drums.

The general measurements for doumbeks and darbukas manufactured in Egypt, and Turkey measure in centimeters and may round out the measurements. Remo has added drumhead diameter and collar height in product description to assist you with your selection.

S Series drumheads are manufactured with Remo’s advanced drumhead film technologies featuring Skyndeep®, graphic image drumheads which are the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface.

You’ll discover a fresh new sound using Remo’s Skyndeep® drumhead on your doumbek producing the richest tek and doum tones that will inspire you to play for hours.

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