Remo SKYNDEEP™ graphic drumhead are made using a proprietary ink embedding process into the film while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead with warm, crisp, vibrant tones.

Crimplock Symmetry was created to add flexibility in our manufacturing while increasing available drumhead dimensions. This means, Crimplock Symmetry drumheads can fit more conga drum models from the various manufacturers in the industry.

Mondo Skyndeep Type 2 drumheads are equipped on all DJ-xxxx-BE, Black Earth finish and DJ-xxxx-NS Nickle Silver Metalized Djembes

Remo WEATHERKING™ world percussion drum heads rely on the same open channel system that has established the drumset heads as the benchmark since 1957.

Skyndeep™ is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sound drumhead.

Tucked type 7 conga drumhead: The most durable in construction which can withstand extreme tension required by top musicians playing all styles of music.

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