Remo WEATHERKING™ world percussion drum heads rely on the same open channel system that has established the drumset heads as the benchmark since 1957.

Skyndeep™ is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sound drumhead.

Model Types: Calfskin   Fish Skin   Puerto Rican Flag   Tiger Stripe  

 Model Number  Size              Description
M6-R715-S4-SD003 7.15" R-Series, SKYNDEEP™, 'Calfskin' Graphic, M6 Type, 7.15" Crown, Medium Collar
M6-R850-S5-SD003 8.50" R-Series, SKYNDEEP™, 'Calfskin' Graphic, M6 Type, 8.50" Crown, Medium Collar
M6-R900-S5-SD003 9.00" R-Series, SKYNDEEP™, 'Calfskin' Graphic, M6 Type, 9.00" Crown, Medium Collar
M5-1000-S5-SD003 10" Skyndeep, M5 Type, S5 Thick Film,'Calfskin' Graphic
M5-1000-S2-SD003 10" Skyndeep, M5 Type, S2 Thin Film, 'Calfskin' Graphic

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