Renaissance Hazy Sound Quality

Renaissance Hazy
Renaissance® Timpani (tympani) heads boast a warm, dark, focused sound with full-range projection. Combining the look and feel of calfskin with superb tonality and consistency.

REMO® offers 3 types of timpani heads in either Hazy or Clear films. Clear offers improved projection and sustain while Hazy is preferred for its warmth and articulation. Also available are three types of insert rings for the Custom and Renaissance® series, providing greater tuning consistency, sustain and projection.
  • TI - Weatherking® timpani heads are ideal for most scholastic applications.
  • TC - Custom series are renowned for their resonance, clarity and projection.
  • RC - Renaissance® are the preferred choice of most timpani manufacturers and concert percussionists, combining the look and feel of calfskin with warm, articulate overtones and a controlled musical sustain.
The two-letter suffix for all timpani head part numbers designates the insert ring type and film type. Timpani Selection Chart NOTE: Yamaha Symphonic Series come standard with Remo® Renaissance® clear with Aluminum Insert rings. Adams Philharmonic are equipped with Remo® Renaissance® Hazy with low-profile steel insert rings. “TI” standard timpani heads do not have inserts. Specify the suffix “00” for Hazy film and “03” for Clear film.

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