The Ambassador® features a single ply, medium weight 10-mil Mylar film. They offer outstanding response, articulation and projection.

Renowned for its warm, full tone, resonance and sustain, the Fiberskyn® Ambassador® features a single layer of poly-spun 10-mil Mylar film, making it an ideal medium weight concert snare batter drumhead perfectly suited for sticks, mallets and brushes. Sensitive and articulate with a warm total response. Excellent for full range concert and jazz applications.

The Coated Ambassador® features a coated, single ply medium weight 10-mil Mylar film for more durability while offering outstanding response, articulation and projection. This is the most popular drumhead in the world, and for good reason. It is simply the most versatile batter drumhead ever created, capable of delivering superb tone and response in any situation.

The Renaissance® Ambassador® features a medium weight, single ply, specially treated 10-mil film ideal for most concert applications. Remo®’s proprietary Renaissance® treatment combines state-of-the-art production methods with the look and feel of traditional calfskin. Excellent for sticks, brushes and mallets, Renaissance® drumheads provide a wider, yet more balanced spectrum of sound and increased sensitivity.

The Suede® Ambassador® features a single ply 10-mil specially treated Mylar® film with an exclusive Remo® proprietary process which creates a texture on both sides of the drumhead. This enhances both the production and reflection of sound, creating a voice which combines the brightness and resonance of clear heads and the warm articulation of coated heads.

Based on the original Coated Ambassador® from 1957, the Vintage A features two free-floating plies of 7.5-mil and 3-mil Mylar with a coated surface, the Vintage A is slightly darker in tone than the standard Ambassador®. Outstanding for controlled sensitivity and snare response with a warm resonant tone.

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