Diplomat® drumheads feature a single ply of a 7.5-mil Mylar film. Ideal for accentuated snare response with a warm, open, resonant sound.

Renowned for its warm, full tone, resonance and sustain, the Fiberskyn® Diplomat® features a single layer of poly-spun 7.5-mil Mylar film, making it an ideal lightweight concert snare batter drumhead perfectly suited for sticks, mallets and brushes.

The Coated Diplomat® is slightly warmer due to a coated single layer of 7.5-mil Mylar® film. They’re known for their bright warm tones, resonance, and sustain. Coated Diplomat® heads are best known for accentuating snare drum response.

The Renaissance® Diplomat® features a single ply, specially treated 7.5-mil film and Remo®’s proprietary Renaissance® treatment. Combining state-of-the-art production methods with the look and feel of traditional calfskin. Excellent for sticks, brushes and mallets, Renaissance drumheads provide a wider, yet more balanced spectrum of sound and for increased sensitivity.

The Suede® Diplomat® features a single ply 7.5-mil specially treated Mylar® film with an exclusive Remo® proprietary process which creates a texture on both sides of the drumhead. This enhances both the production and reflection of sound, creating a voice which combines the brightness and resonance of clear heads and the warm articulation of coated heads.

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