Shoulder Strap
Remo shoulder straps are adjustable with metal or plastic clips and are available with or without padding and may be worn slung over the shoulder or across the body. It can also be worn around the waist like belt, then attach to the drum.

Plastic Clip
Remo shoulder straps with plastic clips are recommended for use on the lighter weight Remo products like the NSL Djembe, Ladoumbe and Kids Djembe and Konga. This strap is not designed for heavy pounding and may damage plastic clip. Available with or without padding.

Metal Clip
Remo shoulder straps with metal clips are recommended for use on Remo products, like Versa Djembe, and Timbau. This strap can be used for heavier type of drum activities, although we recommend our padded shoulder strap or Slider Dual strap for drums weighing over 8 pounds.

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