Dual Slider Strap
The ergonomic design supports your instrument in perfect balance over both shoulders, providing the ultimate in playing comfort and freedom for kids and adults.

How to use Remo Slider Percussion Strap
Hold you SLIDER strap in front of you with the logo on the leather back square facing out and up-side-down.

Place you arms through the two loops as shown and toss the leather back square over your head so it rests in the center of your back – logo facing out – with a strap over each shoulder and under each arm.

Pull on the end connectors with an alternating forward motion to activate the patented “floating stress continuum.” This action will set the strap to your body.

Hot Tip: Pull downward on the leather back square for the most support. The lower the center of gravity on your back, the less weight on your shoulders.

Once you’re satisfied with the positioning of the strap on your body, and then attach your instrument.

To remove your SLIDER strap, first sit the drum on the floor, release the strap hooks, and then remove the SLIDER strap.

Now, you’re ready to play! Your SLIDER strap will provide more playing comfort than any other strap available today.

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