Sticks & Mallets
Remo manufactures and designs a variety of sticks and mallets used on percussion instruments for children, drum enthusiasts and professional drummers.

This custom designed mallet is base on the traditional wooden talking drum stick. It features aluminum formed curved stick with a unique plastic tip and a 6” foam grip handle for comfort and ease when playing.

Designed to extract the most sound from the Brasilian tamborim and features three 15", flexible rods extending from a solid textured handle.

This short two-headed stick made of a lathe-turned piece of wood and is used to play various sizes Bodhran drums.

White plastic handle mallet with a 36mm Multi-Colored foam head may be used safely by kids. Also used on Sound Shapes, Kids Lollipop drums and Kids Hand Drums.

Remo’s multi use drums sticks are created for Taiko drums, and can also be used on bass drums like, dununs and large gathering drums.

Cuica stick package with hex nut, washer & stick

Pulls the sound out any bass drum

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