Bass Drum Muffling System
Developed in conjunction with Dave Weckl the Adjustable Bass Drum Muffling System offers various size muffles and a flexible holding system to partially muffle bass drums without interfering with tuning or the full vibration of the drumhead.

Do you find Pre-Muffled bass drumheads to be limiting in tonal possibilities? If so, this muffling system is for you. Remo’s Adjustable Bass Drum Muffling System can be used on both the batter and resonant heads to adjust the sound and feel of your bass drum. With the muffling system being independent of the actual drumhead you can further customize your sound by exploring any combination of bass drumheads Remo has to offer.

The Adjustable Bass Drum Muffling System includes one pillow that’s available in 3 different sizes depending on your bass drum size or amount of muffling you prefer. The kit also includes 3 “C” Clamps that attach to the bottom of your bass drum shell with Velcro. The C clamps can be adjusted tightly or loosely against the head for desired muffling and feel. The most common set up for a 22” bass drum is the HK-MUFF-22 on the batter with the smaller muffle the HK-MUFF-18 on the resonant side.

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